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our services
The workshop, with the experience acquired from a deep knowledge, restores every kind of harmonium (Graziano Tubi, Radice, Arienti, Alexandre Père et Fils, Debain), taking advantage of its own stock of original spare parts.
Besides the possibility to buy harmoniums, the company offers also an hiring service for concerts and music events.
bernardino conti, accordatura dell'harmonium (armonium)
particolare registriera harmonium (armonium) alexandre
harmonium (armonium) alexandre pere et fils
We repair every kind of harmonium (Graziano Tubi, Radice, Arienti, Alexandre Père et Fils, Debain).
If the repairs concern single parts (bellows, nuts, registrer, keyboard), sometimes it is not necessary to move the instrument.
ance harmonium (armonium)
bernardino conti, accordatura dell'harmonium (armonium)
tastiera harmonium (armonium) restaurato
mantice harmonium (armonium) in fase di restauro
The restoration of an harmonium is an activity that requires a specific knowledge of the instrument in its individual components as well as the consciousness of the materials to adopt in the reconstruction of deteriorated/missing parts.
The restoration may include all the sections of the instrument: the keyboard, the records, the nuts, the bellows, the container, the reeds and the piece of furniture. Each harmonium has its own specific technical features that, during the restoration, should be preserved and respected.
bernardino conti, restauro/pulizia ance dell'harmonium (armonium)
gran tavola harmonium (armonium)
registriera harmonium (armonium) in fase di restauro
mantici e serbatorio harmonium (armonium) prima del restauro
tastiera harmonium (armonium) in fase di restauro
tastiera harmonium (armonium) durante il restauro
harmonium (armonium) smontato
verifica accordatura harmonium (armonium)
The harmonium for sale can be purchased either fully restored or in the condition in which they are now. They all are high-quality French made and perfectly recoverable (after an accurate restoration).

Currently for sale:
cm h91 x p54 x L125
registrers: forte generel, sourdine, voix humana, basson, bourdon, cor anglais, expression, flute, clarinette, hautbois, voix celeste, tremolo, forte general
conditions: to restore
wood: rosewood (palissandro)
rows of reeds : 4 1/2
harmonium (armonium) Alexandre Pere et Fils
harmonium (armonium) Alexandre Pere et Fils
cm h93 x p52 x L126
registrers: sourdine, ?????, bourdon, cor-anglais, grand jeu, flute, clarinette, fortè dessus, tremblant
conditions: to restore
wood: aok
rows of reeds: 2
harmonium (armonium) Debain
harmonium (armonium) Debain
cm h104 x p73 x L132
registrers: fortè 3-4, contrebasse, basson, clairon, bourdon, cor anglais, euphone, expression, musette, tremolo, harpe heolienne, flute, clarinette, fifre, hautbois, voix celeste,
fortè 3-4
condizions: to restore
wood: aok
n° jeux: 5 + 2 half rows
harmonium (armonium) rodolphe & debain
harmonium (armonium) rodolphe & debain
hire for concerts
The workshop offers a rental service for concerts and music events. The instrument is transported by our own means. The delivery of the harmonium is agreeded directly with the client and the rental service includes the transportation and assistance before the concert.

For this service, at the moment, we have the following instrument:
DEBAIN(French harmonium)
dimensions: cm h103 x p73 x L131
tremolo, saxophone, sourdine, dolce, forté 3 & 4, basson, clairon, bourdon, cor anglais, grand jeu, grand jeu, flute, clarinette, fifre, haut bois, forté 3 & 4, céleste, musette, soprano, trémolo
conditions: RESTORED
wood: rosewood (palissandro)
rows of reeds: 5 + 1


harmonium (armonium) Debain in palissandro
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