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The term “mechanical instruments” refers to all those music instruments that have inside them a mechanism that makes them play autonomously.
Barberia organs (cylinder pianos or pianola), autopianos and player pianos belong to this family.
Passion, competence and precision are fundamental skills to face the restoration of this beautiful instruments of the past century.
piano a cilindro
azionamento a moneta del piano a cilindro
particolare manovella piano a cilindro
piano a cilindro aperto
autopiano, piano a rullo
Often this kind of instruments need many hours of work to be restored, the knowledge of the single mechanical components is fundamental : many components, because of poor storage conditions, are completely rebuilt.
cilindro chiodato piano a cilindro (pianola, verticale)
rullo chiodato piano a cilindro (pianola, verticale)
martelletto del piano a cilindro
meccanismo del piano a cilindro (pianola, verticale)
The mechanical instruments on sale are restored, working and guaranteed. The search is not easy and often their state of deterioration makes them impossible to be restored.
It is also for this reason that these rare instruments acquire a great value.
cm h131 x cm p65 x cm l161
conditions: à restaure
notes: autopiano completo di tutte le sue parti meccaniche; non è mai stato restaurato e quindi è interamente originale
hire for events

We offer an hiring service for music events and concerts; the instrument is transported by our own means.

For this service, at the moment, we have the following instrument:


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